Sovini Property Services offer all aspects of maintenance and construction services throughout the North West.

Building and maintaining gender pay rights

Here’s how Sovini Property Services stacks up against the UK’s statistics on closing the gender pay gap.

In 2021/22 Sovini Property Services mean gender pay gap was 7.7% in favour of men, which is favourable with the UK’s gender pay gap within the construction industry. The company which is proudly part of The Sovini Group have remained committed over the past five years, reducing their mean pay gap from 19.91% to 7.7%.

The property maintenance company continues to actively encourage more females to choose a career in the industry. The newly appointed Managing Director, Anita Harrison-Carroll is calling for more females to be empowered into a career in construction – with many initiatives now in place.

Initiatives such as the innovative Pathway into Construction Programme encourages aspiring higher education students to discover more about a career in the company and construction. 

In addition, the female Managing Directors vision is to empower more females into senior roles will continue into 2022/23.

Managing Director, Anita Harrison-Carroll says: “

I’m passionate in encouraging more female representation within an, at present highly male dominated construction industry. As the newly appointed Managing Director I will ensure our long-term vision in closing the gender pay gap and creating equal opportunities for all. In addition, the company’s executive management team and board are committed to ensure the gap continues to reduce.”

Tracey Baker of Sovini Property Services added:

“All colleagues should be treated the same, regardless of their gender. Construction is a male dominated industry but it’s refreshing to see more females being encouraged into a career in construction. As a proud woman in construction, I confidently think all females can achieve their aspirations here too, achieving a wealth of success. I’m excited to see the Group further support this vision over the coming years, welcoming more women into roles, providing equality for all.”