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Together for a better environment

Sovini Property Services pledge their commitment to The Sovini Groups net-zero carbon strategy

As part of The Sovini Group, Sovini Property Services are taking decisive action to tackle the groups collective carbon footprint, with our collaborative goal being to achieve net zero emissions.

The group have launched The Sovini Net-Zero Carbon Commitment Campaign, supported by our wider Environmental Strategy.

Sovini Property Services are dedicated to contributing to the reduction of the group’s environmental impact to improve the wellbeing of our colleagues, clients, communities and beyond.

With environmental pollution being a significant and growing concern, Sovini Property Services are actively decreasing harmful emissions to reduce the environmental impact of our fleet. We are dedicated to making our vehicles greener and more efficient. That is why all SPS 210 SPS vehicles have been fitted with our fleet management system- Lightfoot UK.

Lightfoot UK is a telematic solution which enables us to access a real-time intelligent system that understands the specific vehicle and load. In turn, it helps reduce the levels of harmful emissions including nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO).

Group Fleet Manager, Lee Daly comments:

“Lightfoot UK provides our drivers with real-time visual and audible feedback in order to reduce instances of harsh acceleration and braking thanks to it’s live engine data. This guides drivers and in turn, improves both fuel economy and safety on the roads. All SPS’s vehicles have seen extremely positive improvements with regards to their uplifts in mpg per vehicle and reduction in CO2 emissions”.

With more refined engine technology Sovini Property Services have contributed to reducing The Sovini Group’s carbon footprint by 67%.

Sovini Property Services Operations Manager, Peter Baker adds that:

We are proud to be an integral part of The Sovini Groups wider systematic shift towards a more sustainable environment. We are committed to researching and implementing sustainable solutions to make a positive difference in our environmental management practices and our groups ambition to work towards becoming a ‘net zero carbon’ business. We are able to achieve more by collaborating”.

With a collaborative commitment to change, Sovini Property Services will work closely with The Sovini Group in the future to support the Net-Zero Carbon Commitment.

To read more on The Sovini Groups Net Zero Carbon Commitment please follow this link –

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