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Sovini Property Services shares gender pay gap report

As Women in Construction Week 2024 begins, we’re sharing our 2023/24 gender pay gap report.

As Women in Construction Week 2024 begins, we’re sharing our 2023/24 report which reveals a mean gender pay gap of 8.27% in favour of men.

Since 2017, we’ve worked to decrease our gender pay gap, which originally stood at 19.91%, continuing our commitment to creating an equal and inclusive workplace culture.

With the wider support of The Sovini Group, who boast a gender pay gap of -3.5% in favour of women, we have implemented a wide array of initiatives to allow employees to thrive in their chosen professions, continuing our mission of creating opportunities and changing lives.

Initiatives for 2024 include the return of the innovative Pathway to Construction, which provides an exclusive opportunity for young females to experience a career in the industry.

In addition, in 2023, The Sovini Group’s Chief Business Officer, Anita Spencer (formerly Harrison-Carroll) reached the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Construction list. Anita was celebrated for fearlessly breaking down barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry, shaping the future of construction.

An equal, diverse and inclusive culture allows us to provide meaningful employment opportunities for females.

Mike Dale, Operations Director for Sovini Property Services and Teal Scaffold, said:

“Sovini Property Services strongly believes in equal opportunities for all, directly supporting our vision of a better future. We will continue to work hard to support the women throughout our organisation and champion opportunities for females seeking a career in the industry, as we create opportunities and change lives throughout our communities.”

The gender pay gap is the percentage difference between average hourly earnings for men and women, and measures salary difference. The UK’s gender pay gap stands at 7.7% in favour of men.

Sovini Property Services’ commitment to gender equality will continue as we pledge an investment in establishing and retaining an equal, diverse and inclusive workplace and culture.

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